Marissa Holden, LMT, BCTMB
Therapeutic Massage Specialist

"Marissa is very professional, kind, and comforting. One my first visit, over nine years ago, we sat and talked about what my needs were and how she could help me. I tend to carry my stress and tension in my neck and shoulders, as well as sitting in front of a computer all day, and requested a deep tissue massage to release the tightness. After my sessions with Marissa, I walk taller and feel relaxed and refreshed. Over the years, she has kept my me healthy and has revived my tired and stressed body many times. She is my massage therapist for life!"                                                            Kelly Fleenor Davis

"So many people are unaware of all the benefits massage has to offer. Most clients think of a massage as a relaxing event in a dimly lit room with scented oils and candles. This kind of massage is fine, but what Marissa brings to the table is serious therapy! I have had personal experience with her mastery of connective tissue therapy, and while this style of treatment might be a little uncomfortable at the time, it has profound influences in stimulating healing processes of the architecture of the body. It is a necessary ingredient in rehabilitative therapeutic success. I regularly refer my patients to Marissa, and consider her approach to healing as a valuable asset in our community, and to further give credibility to massage therapist as health care provider."
Eric C. Epstein, Ms.T., D.C., C.C.P.

"Marissa does an amazing job at providing deep, relaxing massage as well as helping to address my chronic pain issues. Her knowledge of the body and specific focus of a wide array of techniques allows her to provide a harmonious and effective massage experience that is the best I've ever had. She also has a great degree of knowledge of human physiology and the methods necessary to address specific concerns. I eagerly await each session with her knowing I will leave refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed."                                                                                                             Mary Yates

"What I find most enjoyable about working with Marissa is her keen interest in finding out exactly how you are feeling at each session. She wants to assess your current symptoms and identify where they may be originating from. As an example, there have been numerous occasions where a simple suggestion from her on how to slightly change an exercise routine has eliminated on-going pain. She is very professional, highly qualified, and comes with my highest recommendation."                                                           Mark Cunningham
"Marissa has a very welcoming personality, soothing touch and calming spirit.  Her massages are powerful medicine that ease both my mind and body.  I always leave her sessions feeling healthy, whole and empowered." 
Tamara Dearing
I find Marissa's massage to be the best I've ever experienced, in a fairly long line of massages.   She is thorough, and keeps up with the latst research and trends in massage, so that she is always up-to-date in her techniques and information.  A massage should be relaxing and above all fun, and I find my time with her to be both of those as well as therapeutic for my assorted musculo-skeletal problems                                          Molly Brewer



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